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If you plant them, they will grow.













Despite some neglect in their early childhood, our tiny heirloom seeds have finally fought through the dirt and emerged victorious!

Because they’re planted in peat pots, keeping these tiny beauties adequately hydrated was a challenge at first, but thanks to a tip from a colleague of mine, they are no longer parched.

Planting tip: give your newborns cup holders.

Here they are, all five varieties of tomatoes and three kinds of peppers, lined up in my office window.

Social tip: All kinds of babies are great conversation-starters–even green ones.

Instead of watering the dirt on top, I have been keeping the cups a quarter full of water. The peat pots soak up the yummy H2O and the rootlings greedily suck it down. It’s beautiful, really…


Look at that… This little guy is still hanging on to his seed, nervous to break out of his shell. So precious…



…and I don’t mean to brag, but this little lady is going to be tall. We’re talking  model material. Yes ma’am. With the biggest, juiciest fruit you’ve ever seen.





…And when April finally decides to stop showering and warm up already, we’ll cut some slits in the bottom of each pot and put them in the ground.

Kind of like  veggie security blankets: Safe and warm, but eventually outgrown.

Now you are probably tired of looking at all these baby pictures, but it was just too hard to pick only one!