Seeds arrived!

As I said a bit earlier, Dan and I ordered our garden seeds from, a website that sells a wide variety of heirloom seeds. We carefully read descriptions, compared original climates to our own midwestern one (many were born in the late 1800’s in France and Italy), and labored over which would grow the best together according to the companionship gardening book “Carrots Love Tomatoes” by Louise Riotte.

And today, after much anticipation, our babies were finally delivered.

Future veggies
Future veggies
Precoce D’Argenteuil Asparagus
Contender Valentine Bush Beans
Beurre De Rocquencourt Wax Beans
Old Homestead (Kentucky Wonder) Pole Beans
Rapini Broccoli
Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage
Berlicum 2 Carrot
Zwolsche Krul Celery
Marketmore 76 Cucumber
Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumber
Florida Market Eggplant
European Mesclun Grees Mix
Blue Curled Scotch Kale
Crimson Forest Bunch Onion
Jaune Paille Des Vertus (Bulb) Onion
California Wonder Green Pepper
Jimmy Nardello Italian Sweet Red Pepper
Early Prolific Straightneck Squash
Zucchini Lungo Bianco
Butternut Waltham Squash
Roma Tomato
St Pierre Tomato
Stupice Tomato
Tonadose des Conones Cherry Tomato 
Seeds 002
The daffodils are just to remind us that spring is oh, so close.

Project for this weekend? Planting in seedling pots, of course.

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